International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Adrià Rofes
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    I work on the cortico-subcortical correlates of noun and verb production in aphasia and their application to awake surgery procedures. I am particularly interested in improving the assessment of patients with brain tumors before, during, and after surgery. This research is informative for clinicians and researchers.

    Updated information:
    I work to enhance our understanding of brain-behavior relations and to apply this knowledge to improve assessment and treatment protocols for brain conditions leading to aphasia. I work with adults with brain tumors, stroke, and dementia.

    Prof. dr. Gabriele Miceli (University of Trento)
    Prof. dr. Roelien Bastiaanse (University of Groningen)
    Prof. dr. Lyndsey Nickels (Macquaire University)

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