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Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Ekaterina Delikishkina
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    The neurofunctional correlates of naming practice

    Using fMRI and TMS, I am studying how naming practice affects word retrieval processes on the neural level. As suggested by clinical evidence, as well as data from experiments with healthy subjects, words belonging to different grammatical (nouns vs. verbs) or conceptual (objects vs. actions) categories are processed differently in the brain. My aim is to investigate what brain areas are affected by training of nouns as opposed to verbs, and whether naming practice in general involves the language network or rather evokes changes in domain-general regions. Answering these questions would have clear implications for a better understanding of both language learning in healthy individuals and language recovery in aphasic speakers.

    Prof. dr. Gabriele Miceli (University of Trento)
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