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Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Laura S. Bos
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    People with aphasia (language impairment after brain damage) experience problems with verbs. Particularly, verbs that refer to the past are more difficult than verbs that do not, because the past event has to be linked to the speaker’s here-and-now (discourse-linking). We investigated this impairment in groups of aphasic speakers of Dutch, German and Russian using pen-and-paper tests and eyetracking. We showed electrophysiological brain responses from healthy adults also reflect this discourse-related difference. Further research is needed to investigate what brain region is taxed more for past than non-past time reference, for the purpose of which we are carrying out an fMRI experiment.

    Prof. dr. Roelien Bastiaanse (University of Groningen)
    Prof. dr. Isabell Wartenburger (University of Potsdam)

    I am currently a lecturer at the Linguistics department of the University of Amsterdam.

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