International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Alexa von Hagen
    von Hagen

    alexavh [at]

    Developmental dyslexia and second language learning

    Children identified with developmental dyslexia often struggle when learning a second language, besides presenting difficulties in acquiring literacy skills in their native language. Although existing work has focused on how children with dyslexia learn to read and write in a second language, little evidence is available to describe other domains of second language learning, such as speech perception and production and vocabulary acquisition. Furthermore, due to the heterogeneity observed in dyslexic children´s first language profile, it seems necessary to investigate the relationship that can be established between first and second language performance. Findings will serve a a evidence base to orientate parents, teachers and clinicians about dyslexic children´s second language education.

    Dr. Saskia Kohnen (Macquarie University)
    Dr. phil. Nicole Stadie (Potsdam University)
    Prof. dr. Barbara Höhle (University of Potsdam)

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