International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Ella Creet

    Research has shown that targeted treatment can improve word retrieval for people with aphasia. However, the precise mechanism by which this improvement occurs and for whom it is likely to be successful for remains unclear. The main focus of this project is to explore the underlying mechanisms that enable (or prevent) improvements in word retrieval for individuals with aphasia. 
    Currently I am investigating why some people with aphasia are able to improve independently of treatment. Can repeated attempts to name items cause these same items to be retrieved more easily in the future, despite not being treated? I am also investigating why some people fail to improve their naming abilities in response to treatment. I plan to investigate the rate of decay of priming effects and the impact of varying the interval between repetitions of the same item on priming.

    Prof. dr. Lyndsey Nickels (Macquarie University)
    Prof. dr. Julie Morris (Newcastle University)
    Prof. dr. David Howard (Newcastle University)

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