International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Hanh Nguyen

    My main interest is exploring the role of a reader’s prior knowledge in paragraph comprehension in healthy readers and readers with aphasia. Prior knowledge can be manipulated through the presentation of contextual information (for example, pictures and titles) to the reader prior to reading. Using both behavioural and eye tracking data, we will examine if there are any significant differences in comprehension accuracy, reading time and eye movement depending on the extent and type of prior contextual information provided. For example, we will examine the effect of presenting a text with a highly relevant or less relevant picture or with a highly informative versus less informative headline. Understanding the influence of prior knowledge on text comprehension will provide more insight into the reader’s cognitive processing, and it can also help to develop more suitable reading materials and therapeutic strategies for people with aphasia.

    Prof. dr. Julie Morris (Newcastle University)
    Prof. dr. Lyndsey Nickels (Macquarie University)
    Prof. dr. Janet Webster (Newcastle University)

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