International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Jakolien den Hollander

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    The aim of my project is to identify the impaired process of speech production underlying apraxia of speech (AoS). AoS is diagnosed based on symptoms in the speech. Many of these symptoms can also be present in the speech of individuals with aphasia, which often co-occurs with AoS, and dysarthria. In this project electroencephalography (EEG) and lip electromyography (EMG) are used to identify the processes of speech production and to differentiate the impaired speech production process(es) underlying AoS, aphasia and dysarthria. This project should result in a protocol that can be used to diagnose apraxia of speech using EEG.

    Prof. dr. Roelien Bastiaanse (University of Groningen)
    Prof. dr. Marina Laganaro (University of Geneva)
    Dr. Roel Jonkers (University of Groningen)
    Dr. Jaap van der Spek (ANT Neuro, Enschede)

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