International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

  • Juliana Andrade Feiden
    Juliana Andrade Feiden
    J.A.Feiden [at]

    Number agreement depends mainly on two kinds of information: one of a grammatical or syntactic nature and one of a conceptual or semantic nature. Even though number agreement depends on the interaction of both grammatical and conceptual information, generally they converge. Conceptual anaphors, conversely, present a number incongruence, as the antecedent and the consequent element do not agree in number and, in some cases, in gender. The understanding of conceptual anaphors is thus dependent on conceptual information. Therefore, my research investigates the role of conceptual number in coreference establishing, the processes and ERP components that are elicited when conceptual number is processed in relation to these different types of anaphors (grammatical x conceptual) and how overt and null pronouns are processed when related to conceptual number agreement.

    Prof. dr. Roelien Bastiaanse (University of Groningen)
    Dr. Srđan Popov (University of Groningen)

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