International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain


The current consortium consists of 4 full-partner universities, 3 in the EU (Universities of Potsdam, DE, Groningen, NL, Newcastle, GB) and one non-EU university (Macquarie, AU). The full partners have been selected on the basis of their quality and long-standing previous record of cooperation. In addition to this core consortium, there are 16 associated partners from the public and private sector with various expertise: they include
  • six non-EU universities (Hong Kong, HK, Beijing Normal, CN, Lomonosov Moscow State, RU, Université de Genève, CH, National University of Singapore, SG, and the National Research University Higher School of Economics, RU) and the Free University of Brussels,
  • four members from the private sector, two with a focus on R&D ((Advanced Neuro Technology (ANT) and Entwicklungsgruppe Klinische Neuropsychologie (EKN)), who are potential co-supervisors, and two publishers who are involved in training (Springer publishers and Psychology Press), and
  • seven members of the health sector associated to the consortium who belong to the health sector and provide internships, including a rehabilitation center in Moscow, the largest centre for language impaired people in the world.

By including non-university associated members in monitoring and supporting the program, the employability of IDEALAB professionals in health rehabilitation services will be strengthened as an added value to their excellent preparation for employment in academia and specialized research labs.

Consortium Overview
full european partnersUniversity of Potsdam (co-ordinator) (DE)University of Groningen (NL)University of Newcastle (GB)
full non-european partnersMacquarie University, Sydney (AU)
associated members universityBeijing Normal University (BNU)Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)Higher School of Economics (HSE)Hong Kong University (HKU)Free University of Brussels (VUB)Université de Genève (CH)National University of Singapore (SG)
associated members industryEKN, Munich (DE)ANT, Enschede, Berlin (NL, DE)Psychology Press, Aphasiology (UK)Springer Publishers (NL)
european health sectorRehab Center Groningen (NL)Neurorehab Centre Taaltrein/DLD (NL)North-of-Tyne collaboration, Newcastle (UK)Von Donnersmarckhaus, Berlin (DE)Centre for Mind /Brain Sciences, Rovereto (IT)ZAPP Berlin/Potsdam (DE)
non-european health sectorCenter for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation, Moscow (RUS)