• I am a native speaker of English. Do I have to submit a proof of English proficiency?
    No, native speakers of English are exempted from this regulation.
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  • Which TOEFL/IELTS score do I need?
    The candidate should have an excellent knowledge of English. English language proficiency is demonstrated by either the TOEFL or the Academic IELTS. At the time of application to the IDEALAB programme, English language test scores must not be older than 2 years. The following scores are necessary for acceptance into the program:
    • overall Academic IELTS-score of at least 7.0 (with at least band 7.0 in speaking, listening, reading, and writing) or
    • TOEFL-scores of 600 on the paper-based, 250 on the computer-based, or 100 on the internet-based test (with at least 23 in speaking, 24 in listening, 24 in reading, and 27 in writing).
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  • Can I apply without a proof of English proficiency?
    You should have booked a TOEFL or IELTS test by the time of application, however, you do not need to have the test results at the time of application. If you have already sat the test but do not have the certificate yet, you can also submit a screenshot of your test result. If you are offered a place in the IDEALAB program, you will need to demonstrate satisfactory English skills with either an IELTS or TOEFL test before you are able to take up the place.
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  • I have studied English language and literature. Do I still have to provide a proof of English proficiency?
    Yes, a proof of English proficiency is still required even if you have studied English language and literature.
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  • Can I submit reference letters in any other language than English?
    No. If the letters cannot be provided in English, certified translations are necessary.
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  • Who can write a letter of recommendation? Does the person need to have at least a PhD?
    Yes, it should be one of your professors. The person should be able to judge on your scientific abilities and experience.
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  • Can I apply if my Master diploma will be issued after the deadline?
    In the event that you will receive your Master diploma after the application deadline, you should submit the certificate of your latest degree and a copy of your most recent transcript of records. If you have not yet obtained a Master degree, please indicate the date when you expect it to be conferred. Candidates who have been accepted to the program need to submit their diploma (or a transcript indicating that the degree has been conferred) before their enrolment into the program. Otherwise, enrolment will not be possible.
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  • I do not have transcripts/ ecords of study – what can I do?
    Academic transcripts are records of your academic qualifications. If your university does not issue official transcripts, prepare a list of all lectures, seminars, courses, etc. that you have attended (listed for each term). Add confirmation of your participation in the courses, signed either by the supervisor of the respective course, or by an official of your university (for example, the dean’s or registrar’s office).
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  • What are certified copies?
    Certified copies are copies of your original documents bearing a signature and stamp or seal which indicates that the copy is identical to the original document. Certified copies can be issued, for example by the dean’s or registrar’s office of your university, the embassy, or a public notary. Please notice that submission of certified copies is NOT required for application but only upon admission to the program. Regular copies are copies of your original documents without additional certification that the copy is identical to the original document. Regular copies are acceptable for the first round of evaluation of your application. Applicants will be asked for certification of relevant documents upon admission to the program.
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