Katalin Tamási

Contact Details

email: katalin_tamasi[at]sutd.edu.sg

Thesis Details

Measuring children’s sensitivity to phonological detail using eye tracking and pupillometry
Professor Dr. Barbara Hoehle (University of Potsdam)
Dr. Cristina McKean (Newcastle University)
Professor Dr. Adamantios I. Gafos (University of Potsdam)


Post Doc Researcher, Singapur University of Technology and Design

Selected Publications

Tamási, K., McKean, C., Gafos, A., Fritzsche, T., & Höhle, B. (2018). Children’s gradient sensitivity to phonological mismatch: Considering the dynamics of looking behavior and pupil dilation. Journal  of Child Language. Advanced online publication. [full text]

Tamási, K. (2017). Measuring children’s sensitivity to phonological detail using eye tracking and pupillometry (Doctoral thesis). Universities of Potsdam (DE), Newcastle (UK), Groningen (NL), Trento (IT) and Macquarie University, Sydney (AU). [full text]

Tamási, K., Wewalaarachchi, T.D., Höhle, B., Singh, L. (2016). Measuring sensitivity to phonological detail in monolingual and bilingual infants using pupillometry. In Proceedings of the 16th Speech Science and Technology Conference. [full text]

Tamási, K., McKean, C., Gafos, A., Fritzsche, T., & Höhle, B. (2016). Pupillometry registers toddlers‘ sensitivity to degrees of mispronunciation. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. [full text]

Tamási, K., & Berent, I. (2014). Sensitivity to phonological universals: The case of stops and fricatives. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 43(1): 1-23. [abstract] [full text]

Tamási, K. (2012). Sensitivity to phonological universals: Evidence from obstruents. M.A. Thesis in Psychology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA. [abstract] [full text]

Tamási, K. (2010). Segmental interactions in autism. (2010). M. A. Thesis in Linguistics, University of Tromso, Norway. [abstract] [full text]

Tamási, K. (2009). Lockean criteria for being human. (2009). Elpis Journal of Philosophy, 3(1):93-115. [full text]