Leonie Lampe

Contact Details: leonie.lampe[at]students.mq.edu.au

Thesis Details:

“ When we say a word, we must select it from alternatives in our minds. Various factors influence this process (e.g., word frequency), however, the influence of facets of a word’s meaning (i.e., semantics) remains unclear (e.g., is a picture of a penguin harder to name than a picture of an eagle because it is an atypical bird?).
My PhD research aims to specify how different facets of meaning affect word production in people with and without language impairment (aphasia). I use picture naming tasks to study behavioural measures like naming speed and accuracy. In addition, I analyse brain responses (electrophysiology) to investigate the time course of effects. The results of my work will inform the mechanisms underlying word production, which will enable us to refine existing theories and improve approaches to aphasia rehabilitation.“


Macquarie University Sydney (AUS)

Prof Lyndsey Nickels, Dr Solène Hameau, Associate Prof Paul Sowman,

University Potsdam (GER)

Dr Audrey Bürki, Dr Nora Fieder